1. Denea Whitest
    Denea Whitest
    "I like Spectrum because of their values. The equal opportunity for families is extraordinary. It is more than just an agency we all feel like family. We are more than just a number and everyone there is considerate of our needs and feelings. They are loyal to me and I am loyal to them. They helped me ease some of my issues with trust by allowing my own family to be the ones giving me care."
  2. Arlene Harris
    Arlene Harris
    "I love the service I receive and it makes it a lot easier for me. I have been with this agency for 3 years and have not been displeased yet. I am comforted knowing that my grandchildren are the ones giving me care because I do not trust too many others especially in my house."
  3. Dolores Jackson
    Dolores Jackson
    " I absolutely love my caregiver. I would not trade her for the world. She does anything I ask her to and is always willing to do extra things to help me out. I even miss her when she is not here. She is my family." Belinda Harris